Our International students are in the top 32 of the shandong TV competition of "to tell stories, to know Shandong"
Editor :潍坊医学院英文网     Time :2019-07-05      Browse Times :1101

Recently, sponsored by, the information office of the people's government of shandong education department of shandong province, shandong province education television station, WFMU organized 4 teams representing our school and  went to jinan division, in accordance with the requirements of events Teams made up by Chinese and foreign students, through the race, the Team Inception 2.0 and Great Expectations  have gained good reputation among the judges, for successfully into next stage. This competition will be carried out in the later stage of the 32 to 16 level competition, I expect our school team will have a better performance.

It is reported, this second contest around the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, combine students academic degree is high, the source of national coverage, familiar with the Chinese language, understand the advantage of shandong, together with Chinese college students, building an important force in good and dissemination of shandong story, TV and new media communication mode to history and culture, reform and development, local conditions and customs in shandong exciting show through storytelling.